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    Målarbild / bilddelfin
    delfin - Bilder som kan användas i skolan

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    Målarbild, målarbilder, teckning, illustration, bild: delfin

    Nyckelord: delfin, klippor, fågelliv, fiskmås, fiskar, hav, vatten,

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    Used with permission - Copyright Wyland Foundation.
    All Rights Reserved

    Artist Wyland has been a leading advocate for marine resource conservation
    for nearly three decades. An accomplished painter,
    sculptor, and photographer, he is perhaps best known for his Whaling Walls,
    a series of more than ninety-four life-size marine life murals in
    twelve countries that are seen by a billion people every year. His Wyland
    Foundation, in partnership with the Scripps Institution of
    Oceanography, is actively engaged in teaching millions of students around
    the world to become caring, informed stewards of our oceans, rivers,
    lakes, streams, and wetlands. To learn more about the work of this
    fascinating artist, visit www.wylandfoundation.org

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